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We strive to create three-dimensional poetry!

Objecthood was initiated in 2010 and consists of Britta Teleman, Industrial Designer, Charlotte Elsner, Architect SAR/MSA and Sofia Ohlsson, Industrial Designer MFA. We were all freelancers, but with a wish to collaborate and create synergies. We met by chance and realized that we shared a common interest in how poetic concepts can generate unique ideas and form. Since then Objecthood has gained awards within both design and architecture.

Design is a metamorphosis – a transformation of materials, expressions and ideas. It is both about adding and subtracting. We are passionate about the process and how various approaches can generate very diverse effects on the results. Our strength is also our multidisciplinarity and our diverse perspectives as we come from different backgrounds. We bring insights from our diverse experiencesin both small and large production lines, inhouse employment and consultancy, as well as freelance and one-off projects. In addition we have worked in many different countries. This means we understand a variety of client perspectives.

“To create something that retains its value for someone forever, is our aim. As designers we must always push for a responsible use of nature’s resources”

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Huvudsaklig inriktning

  • Industridesign/produktdesign


  • Konceptdesign
  • Tillgänglighet
  • Upplevelsedesign





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