Call for Papers

Swedish Design Research Journal is published SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, which is an independent government sponsored organization.

The mission of the Swedish Design Research Journal is to be a leading outlet for design research that targets and audience in both academia and practice internationally. 

Summer issue of 2017

We now call for papers for the summer issue 2016 (no. 2016). Examples of topics are:

  • Design thinking
  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Software design
  • Design management
  • Design and innovation
  • Design for social change and social innovation
  • Design and art
  • Customer experience

We especially welcome articles concerning design in small and medium sized companies.

Deadline: March 30, 2017 (Later submissions are also welcome, but accepted articles can not be guaranteed for the next issue).

About the journal

The journal is international, and aims to address design related issues globally, as well as to attract authors and readers from across the globe. SDRJ aims to advance the field of design research by promoting research that has true theoretical and practical relevance, and by demanding rigorous research eveluated by experienced reviewers. 

One journal – two outlets

For researchers

The Swedish Design Research Journal is issued in two versions. The first version is aimed for researchers specifically. It is online and only containing research articles. Articles will be published online ahead of print.

Find online articles here 

For researchers, policy-makers and professionals

All research articles are also found in a magazine version of the journal. This second version is published in print and online and is aimed for a broader audience – researchers, policymakers and practitioners. It contains a mixture of research articles, popular scientific articles and more. Contents include research, interviews, case studies, policy discussions, reviews of relevant books, and overview of conferences. The integrated structure will give additionalinformation about the research articles and help to understand and imlement knowledge.

The magazine version is found here

Thanks to funding by SVID, Swedish Design Research Journal (SDRJ) is an open access journal.

Contact the editor

Editor is Jon Engström, PhD. He is a researcher at SVID and lecturer at Linköping University, Sweden. He is supported by an editorial team and a board of reviewers.


Instructions for submitted research articles

Language of submission: English.

Length of submission: Articles should be no more than 8,000 words in length.

Style for references: Harvard

Manuscript deadline: March 30, 2017

The journal will be published in August 2017.

Submit articles here

Instructions for non-research articles

We also warmly welcome submission of non-research articles for publication in the magazine. 

Submit manuscripts to

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Do you have any questions? Please contact me.

Jon Engström, SVID

SVID, Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I 08-406 84 40


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SVID, Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I 08-406 84 40